Different types of flooring and their individual pros and cons

From the point of view of aesthetics and functionality of the room, the choice of floor type will be one of the most important factors. There are several types of floors to choose from to get the most beautiful and lasting results. As already mentioned, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Getting your personal preferences and taste, as well as the needs of the room, will help you choose the best house on Long Island.

hardwood flooring

In terms of value-added in a house on Long Island, hardwood is an excellent choice that offers luxurious warmth that radiates appearance and does you. Its wooden floor in the fireplace


The main advantages of choosing hardwood floors are a great appearance, clean and smooth look, luxurious features and the desire to have solid wood in your home. The fact that wood floors require little maintenance is easy to maintain and that there are so many choices, whether it is parquet or wood flooring in the house, that every style and d├ęcor can be perfectly coordinated when homeowners choose wood floors for other market options. .

Cons hard floors

For those who are considering the best choice of flooring at home, there is also a counter to consider if you choose hardwood. Some of these include higher installation costs, higher overall floor costs and higher maintenance costs due to the fact that they need to be professionally cleaned from time to time.


he tile is available in stone, ceramics, and porcelain, and is available in a wide range of shapes, textures, colors and sizes that can create an almost unlimited variety of patterns.

– Resistance to fire and water, durability and low maintenance costs make it ideal for Long Island kitchens and bathrooms. Even if walking is uncomfortable and cool, you can still use it in all rooms of the house with decorative carpets to ensure a balance of comfort and well-being of the floor.


expensive to buy and install

Laminate flooring

This type of flooring is preferred primarily because of the low cost and variety of models that you introduce, even mimicking the look of your expensive counterparts.


It requires minimal maintenance and does not fade in direct sunlight, which makes it popular in residential areas, corridors and even in kitchens. But even if it is resistant to water and humidity,

improper installation can lead to penetration of these elements under the floor and damage to them.

It is also easily damaged by fire, and after crushing may be irreversible.