Different types of flooring

Commercial and home floors are available in a variety of finishes to meet different tastes and needs. There are a lot of factors that determine the kind of flooring you will choose. These factors include; the cost, use of the room and maintenance. Below are the different types of flooring and their pros and cons.

1. Carpet.

The carpet was and is one of the most popular options among home and business owners. The carpet makes your room look comfortable, cozy and warm. It is a good option for kids. Previously people used to install carpets throughout the house. But recent times, people are only using carpets in bedrooms and sitting room.


1. Easy maintenance thanks to modern stain protection treatments.
2. Cheap


1. Regular replacement
2. Quickly distorted.

2. Hardwood.

This type of flooring is made of timber. It is one of the noble and elegant types of flooring. It makes your room appear more lovely. Hardwood flooring comes in various forms; Bamboo, maple, Mahony and hickory and it can either be pre-treated or untreated. (https://www.gulvxtra.no/Laminat)


1. It comes in a variety
2. It improves the appearance of the house.


1. Expensive

3. Lamination.

This type of flooring is highly used in the kitchen. The manufacturers have improved the quality of laminate by making it look like real wood floors.


1. Resistant to stains and scratches.
2. An ideal option for people with children and pets.


1. Difficult to replace and refinish
2. Difficult to install.

4. Tiles.

The tiles are popular and very easy to care for. They are mostly used in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and washrooms require a floor covering that is resistant to moisture, such as tiles. Apart from being used on the floor, they can as well be used for walls, counters, stairs, and even chimneys. Tiles are mostly preferred for outdoor activities. You can get a variety of these tiles for instance; porcelain,, ceramic and marble.(https://www.gulvxtra.no/Tarkett)


1. Requires less maintenance
2. Durable and water resistant.


1. Expensive

To really find the flooring that is right for your home it is worth going to a flooring specialist to see, in person, all the types of flooring available to you and your particular needs.(www.gulvxtra.no)